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Reimar Spohr

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Comparison of Photoelectron Intensities and Franck-Condon Factors in the Photoionization of H2, HD, and D2. J. Berkowitz, R. Spohr. J. Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 2(1973)143 - 152.

The relative intensities of vibrational bands corresponding to the photoionization reaction X1 Σg+(υ″= 0) + hv → X2 Σg+(υ′= 0, 1, 2...) + e− have been measured for H2, HD and D2, using He I radiation and a cylindrical mirror analyzer. These relative intensities differ significantly from squared overlap integrals (Franck-Condon factors) based on accurate potential curves for X1 Σg+ and X2 Σg+, but are in good agreement with calculations performed by Itikawa which include the variation of transition moment with internuclear distance and the kinetic energy of the departing electron.