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Reimar Spohr

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Suppression of the Critical Current and the Superfluid Transition Temperature of 3He in a Single Submicon Cylindrical Channel. J.P. Pekola, J.C. Davis, Zhu Yu-Qun, R.N.R. Spohr, P.B. Price, R.E. Packard. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 67(1-2), pp. 47-63, (1987).

We report on an investigation into confined geometry effects and critical currents of superfluid 3He in a single circular cylindrical channel. The diameter of the channel, 0.71µm, is of the order of the (temperature-dependent) coherence length and its aspect ratio is ~ 10. The reduction of the critical temperature demonstrates diffuse scattering on the solid walls of the microchannel. Using the Ginzburg-Landau formulation, we derive a model for the critical current and the critical temperature in a small, infinitely long, cylindrical channel with a circular cross section. The measured reductions of these quantities are in reasonable agreement with the predictions of the model.