Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Sensitization of track etching in poly-CR-39 by copolymerization with methacryloyl- L-alanine methylester. Masao Tamada, Masaru Yoshida, Masaharu Asano, Hideki Omichi, Ryoichi Katakai, Christine Trautmann, Johann Vetter, Reimar Spohr. Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements, vol. 20, no. 4, pp. 543-547, (1992).

Copolymer films of diethyleneglycol-bis-allylcarbonate (monomer of CR-39) and selected volume percentages of methacryloyl-L-alanine methyl ester (MA-L-AlaOMe) between 5 and 60% were irradiated with Au ions of 13 MeV nucl-1 and etched in NaOH solution at 60°C. Sensitization of track etching was observed for NaOH concentrations of 4 and 6 N. The maximum reduced etch-rate ratio, Vt/Vb-1, was obtained for the copolymer of 90% of CR-39 monomer and 10% of MA-L-AlaOMe at 4 N NaOH, which was 3.6 times higher than that for pure CR-39. The sensitization was accompanied by an increase in Vb so that the etching time could be reduced to ca 1/30 in comparison with that for pure CR-39.