Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Coaxial-Cylinder Electron Spectrometer for Beam-Foil Experiments. E. Dietz, K.O. Groeneveld, R. Spohr, R. Staudte. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research B 105(1972)467-471.

An electrostatic electron spectrometer for energies up to 10 keV, consisting of two coaxial cylinders, is described together with its data acquisition system. The spectrometer permits free access to both source and detector region, the distance between source (or detector) and spectrometer being 1 cm. This new design property is made possible by introducing potential shaping fringe plates of novel design. The spectrometer transmission or resolution can be adapted to the specific experimental needs by exchanging apertures. The spectrometer is protected from external fields by a magnetic shield integrated into its design.