Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Influence of Irradiation with High Energetic Ions on Storage Properties of Magneto-Optic (Gd,Bi)3(Fe,Ga)5O12 Epitaxial Films. H. Heitmannn, C. Fritzsche, P. Hansen, J.-P. Krumme, R. Spohr, K. Witter. J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 7(1978)40-43

For application of liquid-phase epitaxially (LPE) grown ferrimagnetic garnet films as magneto-optic memory materials, the coercivity has to be increased by orders of magnitude in order to obtain a one-to-one correspondence of the magnetic domains to the recorded data. This has been achieved by two alternative techniques: (i) etched nuclear tracks of 180 MeV xenon ions with densities up to 10^9 cm-2, and (ii) by ion implantation of 350 keV He+ ions at densities of 10^16 cm-2.