Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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The Influence of High-Energy Xe Irradiation on Magnetization, Faraday Rotation, and FMR Linewidth of Single Crystal YIG Films. H. Heitmann, P. Hansen, R. Spohr. IEEE Trans. Magn. 17(6)(1981)2979-2981

Single crystal Y3Fe5O12films have been irradiated with 6 MeV/u xenon ions. The temperature dependence of the saturation magnetization indicates that the resulting nuclear tracks have a well defined diameter of 18 nm. The temperature dependence of the Faraday rotation of the irradiated compared to as-grown films shows a different behaviour at low temperatures. This is attributed to a deviation of the sublattice moments in the boundary region of the tracks. The FMR linewidth of one of the irradiated films exhibits a maximum centered at 40 K which is characteristic for Fe2+centers. 10 hours annealing at 793 K reduces this maximum drastically. Annealing experiments on a Gd1.9Bi1.1Fe4.6Ga0.4O12film irradiated with 3 × 1011cm-2xenon ions of specific energy 1.4 MeV per nucleon yielded activation energies ranging from 0.9 eV up to 5 eV.