Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Magneto-sensitive nickel nanowires fabricated by electrodeposition into multi- and single-ion track templates. Ohgai, T.; Enculescu, I.; Zet, C.; Westerberg, L.; Hjort, K.; Spohr, R.; Neumann, R. . Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, v 36, n 10, Oct. 2006, p 1157-62

Polycarbonate templates of (30±1) µm thickness containing cylindrical etched-track nanochannels of (500±50) nm diameter were used for electrodeposition of Ni nanowires. Using 104 channels per cm the most favourable deposition potential of -1.0 V was determined in a potentiostatic mode by varying the deposition potential with respect to an Ag/ AgC reference electrode over a range between -0.1 V and -1.5 V. The deposition efficiency at - 1.0 V was estimated around 10%. The resulting single wires had a resistance around 200 . and showed an anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) effect of 1%, applicable to directionally sensitive magnetic field sensors (19 refs.)