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Reimar Spohr

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Lattice Strain in Garnet Single Crystals Caused by High Energy Heavy Ion Irradiation. B. Strocka, G. Bartels, R. Spohr. Applied Physics, vol. 21, pp. 141 - 149, (1980)

The effect of high-energy heavy ion bombardment on the lattice parameter of single crystal garnets is investigated. Lattice expansion normal to the surface corresponding to lateral compressive strain is observed via x-ray reflection topography and rocking curve analysis using a double-crystal diffractometer. Studied are (111) garnet wafers of differing composition and epitaxial ferrimagnetic iron garnet films on pure and MgZr-substituted (111) GdaGasO12 substrates. Using 132-Xe and 208-Pb ions of 1.4MeV/nucleon specific energy, the lattice expansion increases approximately linearly with dose over several orders of magnitude. The specific lattice parameter change is approximately 10^-14 per ion per cm 2 for 132Xe ions. A triple epitaxial film is used to obtain strain depth profiles.