Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Copper nanowires electrodeposited in etched single-ion track templates. Enculescu, I.; Siwy, Z.; Dobrev, D.; Trautmann, C.; Toimil Molares, M. E.; Neumann, R.; Hjort, K.; Westerberg, L.; Spohr, R.. Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing (2003), 77(6), 751-755

The replication of single-ion track templates opens up the possibility of accessing elec. properties of nanowires without using lithog. techniques. Polycarbonate foils of thickness were irradiated with single swift heavy ions (e.g. Au 11.4 or Xe 8.3 MeV/nucleon). By controlled one-sided etching of the damage trail caused by the ion, templates contg. a single conical pore were prepd. The narrow pore openings had diams. down to 25 nm and opening angles up to 2°. By electrochem. deposition of copper, single conical wires were obtained. The elec. current recorded during electrodeposition reflects the geometry of the pore. The wires were provided with elec. contacts. Current-voltage measurements confirmed that their resistance was ohmic. The wires could withstand a max. c.d. above 108 A/cm2.