Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Quartz micromachining by lithographic control of ion track etching; Klas Hjort, Greger Thornell, Jan-Åke Schweitz, Reimar Spohr. App. Phys. Lett., 69(22) (1996) 3435-3436.

A micromachining process, using ion track etching in combination with lithographic patterning, is presented. The technique employs a substrate pre-irradiated with swift heavy ions and uses a conventional lithographic technique to control the access of a track-selective etching medium to the ion tracks. Experimental results show the possibility of generating high aspect ratio structures in virtually any direction in single crystalline quartz, which otherwise exhibits a strong "natural" anisotropy to conventional wet etching. In this way complex, three-dimensional quartz structures of 80 mm height with vertical or pre-defined inclination angles of the walls were produced. The process can be applied to other, even highly radiation resistant, dielectric materials such as mica and organic polymers.