Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Influence of a surfactant on single ion track etching. Preparing and manipulating individual cylindrical micro wires. Man, Leo C.T.; Apel, Pavel; Cheung, T.; Westerberg, Lars; Yu, Peter K.N.; Zet, Cristian; Spohr, Reimar. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 265 (2007) 621–625.

The influence of the alkali resistant surfactant Dowfax 2A1 on single ion track etching in 30 µm polycarbonate foils is studied at low etch rate (5 M NaOH at 41.5±2°C) using electro conductivity measurements. At surfactant concentrations above 10^-4 vol.-% break-through times are predictable (Δt/t<0.25). At high surfactant concentrations (0.1 vol.-%) the formation of cylindrical channels is favoured. The shape of these channels (length 26 µm, diameter 1.8 µm) is verified by electro-replication and SEM observation of the resulting wires. Agreement of radii is better than 0.1 µm. Depending on the current limit set during electro replication compact or hollow cylinders can be obtained. A technique for localizing and manipulating individual micro wires by their head buds is described.
Keywords: Micro channel; Nano channel; Electro conduction; Cylinder; Track etching; Ion track; Real-time measurement; Electro replication, Micro wire; Micro tube; Nano wire; Surfactant interaction.