Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Chemical Valve (in German). Hideki Omichi, Reimar Spohr, Masao Tamada, Christine Trautmann, Johann Vetter, Masaru Yoshida. European Patent EP 0562303, (1993). In a chemical valve having a porous matrix and a gel layer which is swellable under the conditions surrounding it, the matrix is a microporous membrane whose pores have been produced by means of etching by nuclear tracks of heavy particles, preferably of heavy ions, in the matrix, and the matrix consists of a copolymer of two or more different monomer types, at least one type A having good nuclear tracking properties with respect to the formation of latent nuclear tracks after irradiation with accelerated particles, and at least one further type B having good swelling properties as a function of the temperature and/or of the conditions in an aqueous solution or as the result of another stimulant.