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Reimar Spohr

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Solid material having special electrical properties and a method for its preparation. Reimar Spohr. United States Patent 4613351 (1986), United States Patent 4668957 (1987)

The invention comprises a solid material that is an electrical conductor in a single direction. It comprises an amorphous glass matrix containing a plurality of microscopically thin metal filaments, all of which are oriented in the direction of conductivity and extend to or near the surfaces of the solid material. This directionally conducting material is produced by subjecting a metastable glass supersaturated with metal to directed ionic radiation. On irradiation parallel microscopic holes or pores are formed which become filled with molten metal during tempering, which cool to form metallic dipole filaments. The thickness of the material and the angle of irradiation may be selected to produce dipole filaments of lengths appropriate to act as antennas for electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths from about 0.1 micron to about 1 mm. The direction of conductivity, i.e., the direction of the metal filaments, may be at any predetermined angle to the surface of the solid material controlled by the direction of irradiation.