Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Electrolytic Cell for Ion Track Etching and Replication. Spohr, Reimar; Apel, Yu Pavel; Korchev, Yuri; Siwy, Zuzanna; Yoshida, Masaru. United States Patent 20050072689A1 (2005)

An electrolytic cell is described for controlled etching of single and multi ion tracks and for controlled electro-deposition in etched ion tracks. The electrolytic cell is characterized by the following features: (1) The irradiated ion track membrane is clamped between two chambers. (2) The chambers contain an electrolyte and are connected to a current measurement system via electrodes (3) The chambers are inside a thermal / electrical shield. (4) The cell is connected to a sensitive current amplifier. (5) The system is computer controlled and yields real-time measurements of pore size and wire length. (6) Processing is stopped at a desired parameter such as pore diameter or wire length. connected to a consisting of dielectric material such as an organic polymer, which separates two