Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Ratchet Pump based on tilted textures (in German). Reimar Spohr, Lars Westerberg, Klas Hjort, Reinhard Neumann, Emma Hedlund, Tito E. Huber, Deutsches Patent und Markenamt, München, Dokument DE102005055206.6 (19.11.2005)

Device for attaining directed currents (A) of neutral and (B) of charged particles on the basis of asymmetric textured surfaces.

An asymmetrically textured surface consisting of randomly distributed asymmetrical potential troughs with sizes in the µm and sub-µm range is applied to build a ratchet pump or a device for generating a directed flow of electrically charged particles. The asymmetric potential troughs are fabricated on a plate by irradiation with an ion beam, the axis of which is inclined by an angle between 0 and 90 degrees with respect to the plate surface followed by an etch process of the ion tracks. The ratchet pump consists of an entrance channel, a mechanical vibrator and at least one microchannel. The device for directed transport of electrically charged particles consists of a base/plate, which is asymmetrically textured on one side, an electrically conducting or semiconducting layer/film and two electrodes, which are attached at the border area and connected with the film and serve as collector electrodes when the electrically conducting or semiconducting layer/film between the electrodes is exposed to electromagnetic radiation.