Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

PostHeaderIcon Abstract

Teilchenspuren in der Mikrotechnik I. Grundlagen (in German). Bernd Eberhard Fischer und Reimar Spohr. Naturwissenschaften 75, 57- 66 (1988)

Accelerated ions create on their passage through nonconducting solids heavily disturbed zylindrical zones. The resulting tracks can be preferentially dissolved in a later development process. The track etch technique differs markedly from the present lithographies using light particles: Each ion creates exactly one latent particle track in the solid and leads to exactly one characteristic hollow shape during the etching. Besides light-sensitive photoresists, many radiation-resistant polymers, glasses, and crystals can be structured. The depth of the resulting structure is determined by the energy of the incident ions. Range straggling is within a few percent of the ion range. The finest structures obtained until now are channels of 100 µm length and 0.01/µm diameter.