Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Evidence for Amorphization of a Metallic Alloy by Ion Electronic Energy Loss. A. Adouard, E. Balanzat, S. Bouffard, J.C. Jousset, A. Chamberod, A. Dunlop, D. Lesueur, G. Fuchs, R. Spohr, J. Vetter, L. Thomé. Physical Review Letters, vol 65, No. 7, pp 875 - 878, (1990).

Crystalline Ni3B ribbons have been irradiated at low temperature with GeV heavy ions (Kr,Xe,U) in order to study the disordering process induced in this material by ion electronic energy loss. The atomic rearrangements produced by irradiation were monitored in situ via electrical resistance measurements and characterized after annealing at room temperature by electron diffraction. The results show a huge electrical resistivity increase above an electronic-energy-loss threshold, which can be ascribed to partial amorphization of the irradiated alloy