Ion Track Technology


Reimar Spohr

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Structural modifications of crystalline and amorphous Ni3B irradiated with high-energy heavy-ions. A. Audouard, E. Balanzat, S. Bouffard, J.C. Jousset, A. Chamberod, A. Dunlop, D. Lesueur, G. Fuchs, R. Spohr, J. Vetter, L. Thome. Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B 59, pp. 414-417, (1991).

Crystalline and amorphous Ni3B ribbons have been irradiated at low temperature with GeV heavy ions in order to study the structural modifications induced in metallic alloys by ion electronic energy loss. The atomic rearrangements produced by irradiation were characterized via in situ electrical resistance measurements and room-temperature X-ray and electron diffraction. Amorphous Ni3B behaves as the other amorphous alloys already investigated: creation of disorder with a cross section increasing with the ion electronic stopping power, followed by an anisotropic growth of the sample dimensions. Crystalline Ni3B shows a new and very interesting behavior: a huge electrical resistivity increase above an electronic energy loss threshold attributed to amorphization of the irradiated alloy.